Natural fire tests in a dormitory with fire protected furniture

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Cristiano Corrêa *
George Cajaty Braga
Roberto Ryanne Ferraz de Menezes
José Jéferson Rêgo e Silva
Roberta Tabaczenski
José do Carmo Bezerra Junior
Tiago Ancelmo Pires de Oliveira
(*) Corresponding Author:
Cristiano Corrêa |


This article presents a full-scale fire experiment carried out in a dormitory bedroom in the city of Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. The experiment was recorded by thermal and conventional cameras, and temperatures were measured at 24 different points within the environment, making it possible to observe the dynamics and behavior of the fire in detail. Among the objects in the dormitory were two identical bedside tables, one of which was coated with intumescent paint. Particular attention was paid to the behavior of this piece of furniture, which, despite being in direct contact with the flames for more than 20 minutes, did not completely burn. Similar experiments are rare in Brazil and in Latin America as a whole, especially with the use of furniture and locally built structures. Understanding the dynamics of this fire, which very closely resembles many local cases, is therefore important to generate data on thermal behavior and overall understanding of the phenomenon. Regarding the specially-treated piece of furniture, its performance was found to be satisfactory, suggesting that such a protective process for furniture may help inhibit the spread of similar fires.

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