Materials for bone regeneration: Current types, bioactive mechanism and updated investigations

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Yuqi He
Wei He
Yubo Fan
Xiaoming Li *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Xiaoming Li |


The exploration of bone repair materials has been continuously carried out. After several decades of development, bone repair materials have experienced from traditional ceramics, metals and polymers to modern smart hydrogels and multifunctional composite materials, etc. At the same time of designing and preparing the novel materials, more and more attention has been paid to their osteogenesis mechanism and immune response. The development of next generation of bone repair materials requires the comprehensive consideration of a combination of many related factors. This article reviews the research status and the progress of bone repair materials from the three aspects, current most-used types, bioactive mechanism and updated related investigations. Finally, several research points that are crucial for the further development of bone repairs are proposed in the conclusion and perspectives part.

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