Earthquake and Volcano Research

Earthquake and Volcano Research is a new Open Access online-only, peer-reviewed journal publishing original manuscripts, authoritative reviews and opinion papers dealing with all aspects (e.g., observational, modeling and applied) of research in seismology and volcanology.

Earthquake and Volcano Research will publish research papers concerning:

Seismology: Tectonics, earthquake prediction, seismicity, seismotectonics, historical seismicity, geodynamics studies, geothermal research, engineering seismology, fault systems, triggered and induced seismicity, mining seismology, physics of earthquakes, and seismic processes.

Volcanology: Historical volcanism, volcanic seismology, volcanic activity, volcanic eruptions, active and non-active volcanoes, prediction of volcanic eruption, petrology, magmas, geochemistry of volcanoes.

Risk Assessment: Interacting hazards, hazard mitigation, risk and disaster management.



Editor-in-Chief appointed


PAGEPress is proud to announce that Dr. Hugo Rodrigues has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of Earthquake and Volcano Research.

We are confident that Dr. Rodrigues will be able to promote and develop Earthquake and Volcano Research, making it an important point of reference for researchers in the field.

Dr. Hugo Rodrigues has a Master Degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Porto (2001) and a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Aveiro (2012). He is currently Adjunct Professor at the Civil Engineering Department, School of Technology and Management, Polytechnic of Leiria, Portugal. His experience is in Seismic Analysis, having participated as a team member in research and development projects, and specialized studies regarding the assessment of seismic risk. He is a research member of the Risks and Sustainability in Construction (RISCO) Research Centre. He has co-authored more than 100 publications in top-tier peer-reviewed journals and national and international conferences.

Posted: 2017-04-24
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