PAGEPress introduces its brand new platform entirely dedicated to the science of materials, to the latest studies on intelligent machines and new technologies and to the environmental related researches.

PAGEPress intends this platform to be the ideal scene for scientists and engineers to publish their latest researches and find the up-to-date innovations in the field of materials science and engineering, their applications on new technologies, their emergent applications on existing technologies, and their human and social impacts.

  • BioMaterials Advances

    BioMaterials Advances is an Open Access, online-only, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original papers, review papers and notes about all aspects of the science of biomaterials. A biomaterial is now defined as "A material or a combination of materials intended to interface with biological systems"; it can be originated either from nature or synthesized in the laboratory. The journal aims to be relevant in the broad range of biological, physical and chemical sciences related to the design and engineering of biomaterials and all the disciplines in which they are used.

  • Biomedical Science and Engineering

    Biomedical Science and Engineering is an Open Access, online-only, peer-reviewed journal focusing on the publication of original manuscripts and authoritative review and opinion papers dealing with the application of engineering and technology principles and a wide range of physical, biological and chemical sciences for the design of biomaterials, scaffolds, drug delivery vehicles and biomedical sensors for regenerative medicine applications. Biomedical Science and Engineering is relevant to areas such as tissue engineering, nanomedicine, in vitro tissue modeling, cancer diagnosis and therapy, implantable devices, drug delivery, bionanotechnology and diagnostic systems.
    Main topics include:

    • Design of biomaterials, including biomaterial surface science, biomaterial mechanical characterization, synthesis of innovative biomaterials, biomimetic polymer blends, polymer composites, cell-biomaterial interactions, methods for biomaterial characterization, processing of biomaterials to obtain the required functionality.

    • Design of scaffolds, including conventional and not conventional methods for scaffold preparation, methods for scaffold characterization, bioprinting technologies, injectable scaffolds for minimally invasive approaches, physicochemical modification of scaffolds (e.g. surface functionalisation and nanopatterning), cell-scaffold interaction, in vivo evaluation of scaffold performance.

    • Drug-delivery systems, including polymer micro- and nanoparticles, hydrogels, targeted drug delivery, transport of nanoformulations through biological barriers, in vitro and in vivo characterization of drug delivery systems.

    • In vitro models of tissues/organs, including the application of tissue engineering principles - based on the combination of biomaterials, cells and suitable in vitro dynamic stimulation in a bioreactor - for the engineering of tissue/organ models

    • Sensor devices, including diagnostic and prognostic systems to detect biological markers, such as sensors based on molecularly imprinted polymers, magneto-immunosensors, etc.

  • BioResources Innovations

    BioResources Innovations is an Open Access, online-only journal dedicated to the developments and advances of the bioenergy production processes as demanded by the continuous changes of the worldwide energy requirements, with the aim to be the landmark platform for both basic and applied researches. The journal publishes Original Articles, Reviews, Technical Notes and Reports on the technological and scientific properties, and chemistry-related engineering of renewable and sustainable energy sources and by-products, as well as new bioenergy sources and the newest resources with application to fuel energy production.

  • Earthquake and Volcano Research

    Earthquake and Volcano Research is a new Open Access online-only, peer-reviewed journal publishing original manuscripts, authoritative reviews and opinion papers dealing with all aspects (e.g., observational, modeling and applied) of research in seismology and volcanology.

    Earthquake and Volcano Research will publish research papers concerning:

    Seismology: Tectonics, earthquake prediction, seismicity, seismotectonics, historical seismicity, geodynamics studies, geothermal research, engineering seismology, fault systems, triggered and induced seismicity, mining seismology, physics of earthquakes, and seismic processes.

    Volcanology: Historical volcanism, volcanic seismology, volcanic activity, volcanic eruptions, active and non-active volcanoes, prediction of volcanic eruption, petrology, magmas, geochemistry of volcanoes.

    Risk Assessment: Interacting hazards, hazard mitigation, risk and disaster management.

  • Fire Research

    Fire Research is an Open-Access journal publishing scholarly articles, surveys, and original contributions on the domain of fire science and engineering.

    Fire Research topics include, but are not limited to: fire dynamics, fire chemistry and physics, material properties at high temperatures, structural fire performance, measurement and test methods, fire detection and suppression, active/passive fire protection methods, human behavior in case of fire, organization and management of fire safety, decision analysis and operations research in fire problems, fire risk assessment methods, fire in industrial buildings and explosions, forensic investigation, wildland/urban interface fires, wildland fires.

  • Phycology International

    Phycology International is a new, online electronic journal covering all domains of phycology, including the contributions of phycological research to current and emerging issues in environmental, health and industrial sectors. Works on both eukaryotic algae and cyanobacteria fall within the scope of the journal. The subject areas covered include, among others: Applied phycology and biotechnology, Morphology and cell biology, Macro- and microalgal ecology, Macro- and microalgal systematics and evolution, Molecular biology and genomics, Physiology and biochemistry, Toxicology, Health and risk management, Algal systems for waste water treatment, Biogas production, Algae in recovery of metals, Role of algae in medicine.
    The journal publishes original articles, reviews, and technical notes.

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    Inaugural issue will be published in next June.

  • Plastics and Rubber Advances

    Plastics and Rubber Advances is a tailor-made platform for the publication of peer-reviewed Original Articles, Notes and Reports dealing with the technical, engineering, testing, analysis and application aspects of the known properties of polymeric and related materials. The journal main areas include, but are not limited to: Polymer matrix compounds, Geoplastics, Liquid polymers, Reinforced plastics, Thermoplastic elastomers. The articles published reflect the latest research status and identify new targets (challenges) for the Plastics and Rubber technology, from the molecular engineering to the applications in automotive, health tech, food tech, novel processing methodologies.

  • Robotics and Automation Research

    Robotics and Automation Research is an Open Access, online-only journal intended to host the fundamental progresses in the field of robotics and autonomous systems, with room for the social implications of their industrial, environmental, political applications. The journal addresses interdisciplinary approaches including robotics and biotechnology, robotics and nanotechnology, robotic applications (e.g., remote exploration, surgery, rescue, military purposes), automation control and engineering, intelligent systems, control theory.

  • Waste Recycling Research

    Waste Recycling Research is an Open Access, online-only journal aiming to provide a forum for communication and introduce sustainable technology developments among the world's scientific and technological communities, scientists and engineers. This journal intends to be of interest and unique to researchers and practitioners in the academic, industrial and governmental sectors. All original research contributions of significant value in all areas of discipline related to waste recycling, waste management, landfilling, urban mining, domestic wastes, solid wastes, industrial wastes and waste conversion are welcome.

    Waste Recycling Research also aims to create a dialog for the development and progress of scientific researches dealing with waste bioconversion and the related fields of biological treatment which may broaden the avenue for additional research scientists to communicate the latest findings within the field.

    Waste Recycling Research will publish authoritative papers on theoretical and experimental researches and advanced applications embodying the results of extensive field, plant, laboratory or theoretical investigation or new interpretations of existing problems. It may also feature - when appropriate - Research Notes, Technical Notes, Review Papers, State-of-the-Art Survey Type Papers, Short Communications and Letters to the Editor.